Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start my building project?

You're at the right place! Beach Houses Australia can guide you through the important steps to make your dream a reality.
First you will need some plans. If you haven't already contacted an Architect we can recommend a number of great options. From here we can work actively with your preferred architect and you to develop a realistic construction budget and help with build-ability issues of the design and site before the expense of a Development Application is submitted. Get in touch today.

I dont have an architect do I need one?

It's our recommendation that you do. We believe the best possible outcome for any design and construction project is when a project team consisting of the owners, an Architect and Beach Houses Australia have combined early involvement.
For minor works Beach Houses Australia are equipped with extensive knowledge of construction details and good practice to complete the works standalone.

Do I need a project budget and program?

These are often overlooked when all the exciting design decisions are underway, but a realistic budget and program is critical to the success of your project. We can help you with both.

Do you employ your own carpentry team and site managers

Yes, we do. Beach Houses Australia prides itself on the fine carpentry we complete and the safe and productive sites we run. To do this we need our own enthusiastic team.

Who are the Directors?

Tom Hicks spent 11 years working for Hicks & Paine; a company with a prominent reputation for quality Australian hardwood construction across Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore. In 2007 Tom started Beach Houses Australia, bringing with him the many values and principles of design and construction instilled in him through his father’s business. Mike Hilton worked together with Tom on the first major Beach Houses project in 2008, restoring and extending a federation-era villa with heritage overlays. Mike re-joined Beach Houses in 2015 as a Director after paving a career in Project Management with top tier commercial firms, where he discovered his interest and specialisation in waterfront constructions for Defence.

What type of projects do you complete?

Beach Houses Australia specialise in sustainable coastal home construction and bespoke waterfront projects such as wharves boat sheds and foreshore redevelopments.

Nonetheless we are a quality building company so what ever your project its worth getting in touch.

How do you build sustainably?

At Beach Houses Australia we are at the forefront of sustainable design. With years of experience building in isolated sites offshore, we have developed an advanced technical understanding of the latest in off grid technologies such as solar, waste water and rainwater harvesting.
Our understanding and commitment to be a sustainable builder goes much further than that though, we aim to leave you with an asset that with the correct maintenance will stand the test of time.

Do you offer property maintenance?

Every project we hand over is complemented with a site specific maintenance manual including a periodic maintenance schedule. For larger properties we also offer an annual preventive maintenance service managed in house taking all the stress out of property maintenance and allowing you to get back to enjoying where you live.